Rituals performed during shani Jayanti and their benefits

Rituals performed during Shani Jayanti and their benefits

People visit Shani Mandir in large numbers to offer prayers to Shani Bhagwan on his birth anniversary. The main ritual performed on the Shani Jayanthi is the Navgraha puja, which is conducted to please the planet gods. It is widely believed that worshipping Lord Shani on Shani Jayanthi would bring them good luck and prosperity. However, a person’s good and bad times greatly depend on the positioning of the various planets in his/her horoscope. For many undergoing various hardships due to the bad positioning of planet Saturn, Shani Yagya has to be conducted on the recommendation  of a qualified pundit. This is supposed to reduce the adverse effects of planet Saturn (Shani) on one’s life.

Few devotees also observe a fast on Shani Jayanti as part of their worship. They believe that observing Vrat on this day would ensure prosperous and hindrance-free life. People also pray Shani Bhagvan on this day to get his blessings for their long and heathy life, as well as their dear ones. The fast observed on Shani Jayanthi is quite similar to that of Shanivar Vrat or Saturday Fast.


Some pundits across India recommend the performance of Shani Jap 23000 times to ensure a peaceful and prosperous life. Offering special poojas to the deity on this special day helps in neutralizing the adverse effects caused due to the bad positioning of planet Saturn in one’s horoscope. This would in turn bring positive changes to one’s life.

On the day of Shani Jayanti, the vigraha if Shani Bhagvan is cleaned with gangajal (Ganga water), panchamrat, oil and water. Later, Nauratnahaar is positioned on the idol. Devotees then conduct the revered ‘Shani shanti puja’ after performing the ‘Shani Thailabhishekam’. Shani yagya is also conducted by a few, in the presence of a qualified purohit. They believe that performing this sacred yagna would shield them from evil forces and black magic. People also wear horse shoe in their fingers other than hanging it in their houses, in order to escape the ill effects of black magic. Lord Shani is credited to bring a lot of difficulties and hindrances in a person’s life. The following measures are believed to help one in tacking the adversities caused by Shani Bhagvan.

  • Regular chanting of the Shani strotra.
  • Intonation of eleven mala of ‘Om Sham Shaneshchraya Namah’.
  • Offering concoction of wheat and jaggery to ants within ant holes.

The performance of the above rituals wholeheartedly with utmost faith and devotion is sure to make a positive influence in a person’s life.
The festival of Shani Jayanthi finds greater significance in many parts of Indian, especially in Madhya Pradesh, where it is widely believed that offering prayers to Lord Shani would eradicate problems from their way. It is also highly advisable to perform the required austerities for getting rid of any Shani  Dosha, more specifically prior to venturing into something new. With the grace and blessings of Lord Shani, success is sure to be conquered.

Radhika T V


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