The White Elephant’s curse removal – Thiruvilaiyadal puranam – Story 2

NO : 2 – Madurai Kantam

The White Elephant’s curse removal  

Durvasa-rishi was once worshiping the linga installed by him in the Tilivanam, while doing so a lotus flower dropped from the Deity. He then carried it with him to Indra’s paradise. Indra, at that time, was riding his white elephant and has just returned from the battle. He respectfully gave it to Indra, who laid it on the head of the elephant, between its tusks. The animal threw it and trampled it under foot.

white elephant thiruvilaiyadal puranam

Durvasa cursed Indira to be humiliated by the Pandya King and the elephant to roam wild in the woods. The animal sought mercy and the period was limited to a hundred years. The elephant was in the Tili forest. It is the Golden lotus Tank. On sighting it, the elephant regained his self-consciousness and learnt who he was and bathed in the Golden lotus pond.  On doing so it was transformed into Airavatham – its old self. The elephant requested Lord Shiva that he should bear Lord Shiva along with his vahana and eight elephants on his back.

The elephant Iravatha built a theertha known as the Iravatha theertha, it also installed the linga and Vinayaka near the Kadambavana. Meanwhile, Lord Indira sent his soldiers to search for the elephant. The elephant has sent them off stating it will finish its duties and return to Develoka soon. The Elephant later built a city called Iravathapuram and installed a linga by name Indreeswarar. Then it went back to Develoka.


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