Remedies to cure Chronic illness.

Remedy 1

Chanting this Abirami anthathi 3 times a day for 90 days relieves chronic illness. On completion of this task donate food to few needy children.

Maniye, maniyin oliye, olirum mani punaindha
aniye, aniyum anikku azhage, anugaadhavarkkup
piniye, pinikku marundhe, amarar peru virundhe!-
paniyen, oruvarai nin pathma paadham panindhabinne.


மணியே, மணியின் ஒளியே, ஒளிரும் மணி புனைந்த
அணியே, அணியும் அணிக்கு அழகே, அணுகாதவர்க்குப்
பிணியே, பிணிக்கு மருந்தே, அமரர் பெரு விருந்தே.-
பணியேன், ஒருவரை நின் பத்ம பாதம் பணிந்தபின்னே.


Remedy 2

nei villaku, ghee lamps

It is believed that lighting an Agal villaku filled with Mahua oil (illupai oil) for 90 days cures chronic illness. At the end of 90 days offer food to few needy people. It is important to use a new lamp on the first day and used for the remaining 89 days.

Remedy 3

various oils for lighting lamps

Donating oil to any temple monthly once helps people to be relieved of any chronic illness. Any oil of any quantity can be donated. Don’t offer refined or mustard oil.

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