Ramanuja Jayanthi – 1000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujar

Ramanuja Jayanthi – 1000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujar

Ramanujacharya Jayanti, or Ramanuja Jayanthi, celebrates the birth anniversary of Ramanujacharya, the famous South Indian philosopher who advocated that bhakti or devotional worship of Lord Vishnu in any form is the ideal method to attain salvation or moksha. In 2017, the date of Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti is May 1 as per North Indian calendars. Please note that some communities will be observing the Jayanti on April 29 (especially in Tamil Nadu). Usually, Ramanuja Acharya Jayanti falls in the month of Chaitra and it usually falls on Thiruvathirai Nakshatra. Moving away from the Advaita principles, Ramanuja amalgamated philosophy of Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and gave bhakti tradition a strong intellectual basis.



The greatness of Sri Ramanuja Acharya can be understood from the fact that he is worshipped throughout the country. Devotees throughout Southern and Northern parts of India make special celebrations for the day. On this auspicious occasion, a traditional holy bath is given to the ‘Uthsava Murti’ or statue of Sri Ramanuja Acharya. Special prayers and recital sessions on teachings of Sri Ramanuja Acharya are held on this day.

Cultural celebrations too are held in temples across the country on Shri Ramanuja Acharya Jayanti. Recital of Upanishads is also considered auspicious on this day as Shri Ramanuja Acharya was deeply involved in the creation of these Upanishads.

In Sothern part of India, special arrangements are made by devotees in Tamil Nadu to celebrate the day in a big way. The houses are specially decorated for the day and devotees ensure that they make a round of the temple to seek blessings from Shri Ramanuja Acharya on his Jayanti.

Celebrations at Parthasarathy temple 

Celebrations at Ramanujar temple Sriperambadur


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2 Comments on “Ramanuja Jayanthi – 1000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujar

  • Ramanujacharaya

    1000 years ago, in a society riddled with blatant casteist oppression, one man championed the cause of the downtrodden.

    One man single highhandedly heralded a cultural storm, bearing the touch of original Vedic knowledge
    One man opened the doors of the temples wide to the hitherto banned “untouchables”.
    And today, millions come together to pay tribute to this one man, this one man, this saint nonpareil who paved the way for a modern, inclusive spiritual awakening.
    Today, Sri RamanujaSwamy is more than a holy name. He is a beacon of the equality and hope for the generations to come.


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