Milk that turns blue confirming Rahu dosha and providing relief


Naganathaswamy Temple is among the rarest of rare temples, where devotees throng to get relief from sarpa or serpent dosha, specifically Rahu dosha. Miraculously the milk offered to the Linga for Abhishekam turns blue acknowledging the Rahu dosha of the devotee with the ever benevolent God Shiva blessing the devotee. The Milk poured on the deity miraculously turns in to blue colour and turns back to pure white after flowing down to the ground.

Cursed by a sage, Rahu bhagavan sought relief and worshiped, prayed to God Shiva along with his consorts. On the pious  Shiv-ratri, God Shiva appeared and blessed Rahu bhagavan that helped him overcome the sage’s curse. Dedicated to attain relief  from Rahu Dosha, Rahu bhagavan here is seen along with his consorts. Rahu bhagavan deemed as the head of the serpent is depicted here with human head.

The Naganathaswamy temple was built when a Shivalingam was found under a Shenbaka trees. This is why the deity was  also known to be as Shenbagarane Eswara.

Located about 6 kilometers from Kumbakonam near the famous Oppliappan Temple, the Naganathaswamy temple is counted  among the 9 Navagraha temples. This temple is among the 9 Navagraha Temples of Tamil Nadu.

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