Parashurama – The Ever Living Vishnu


Parashurama is the sixth avatar of Vishnu who lived in the Treta Yuga. He is the son of Renuka and the Saptarishi Jamadagni. Parashurama is most known for ridding the world of Kshatriya’s twenty – one time over and over again after king Kartavirya killed his father. He also played important roles in the Hindu Epic Mahabharata and Ramayana, serving as mentor to Bhishma, Karna and Drona.

According to Hindu belief unlike all other vishnu avatars Parashurama still lives on the Earth. In South India, at the holy place Pajaka near Udupi, one major temple exists which commemorates Parashurama. There are many temples at the western coast of India which are dedicated to Lord Parashurama.

Parshuram threw his bloodstained axe into the sea but the sea recoiled in horror and drew back revealing a new coast now known as the Konkan and the Malabar, which is why Paashuram worship is most prevalent in the western coast of India.

The Kalki Purana writes that he will reemerge at the end of Kali Yuga to be the martial and spiritual guru of Kalki, the tenth and final avatar of Vishnu. It is foretold that he will instruct Kalki to perform a difficult penance to Shiva, and receive the powerful weaponry needed to bring about end time. It is not the first time that 6th Avatar of Lord Vishnu will meet another Avatar.

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