Parashuram : The God Who Killed His Own Mother


In life, sometimes tough situations fall upon someone, for no fault of their own. In this post, we look into one such tale which involves the sixth avatar of Maha Vishnu, Parashuram. This is the story of Parashuram beheading his own mother.

According to the tales, when Parashuram’s mother went to the river to fetch water, she came across a handsome prince sporting in the water along with other women. Mesmerized by his good looks, she began to desire for his company. Dazed, she completely lost the sense of time and forgot her husband was waiting for her return to start the fire sacrifice. When she returned, her husband (Parashuram’s father) was enraged by her adulterous intentions, which he came to know through his meditative powers. Consumed by his anger, he ordered his sons to kill her immediately.

The son’s were unable to listen to their father as killing a woman (one’s own mother) is considered as a great sin. At the same time, not obeying the orders of an elder (especially their father’s) is also said to be a punishable offense. When the sage saw his sons decline to abide by his wish, he called upon his last son, Parashuram, and commanded him to kill his disloyal mother and disobedient brothers.

Parashuram was well aware of the powers possessed by his fathers due to his powerful meditation. He predicted that his father would be pleased if be carried out the orders and in return he would be granted a boon. Parashuram planned to utilize this boon to bring his mother and brothers back to life and make sure they do not remember the fact that they have been killed by him. Knowing that his father has the powers to grant him this boon, he therefore executed the orders of his father who in return granted him his boon with which Parashuram revived his family.


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