Why do we offer food to God before eating it?

In today’s post lets see why do we offer food to God before eating and later share it as prasaada or prasaadam (a holy gift from the God).

The God is supreme and eternal. Living beings are a part, while almighty denotes totality. Everything that we do is by the almighty’s strength and knowledge alone. Therefore what we get in life are a result of our actions is really the Divinity’s alone. We acknowledge this through the act of offering food to our God. One would understand the principle better with this Hindi phrase “Tera tujko arpan” – I offer what is yours to you. Once we understand this completely our attitude towards food and the act of eating changes. The positive attitude towards food is mostly observed in temples when we do not complain or criticize the quality of food we get as Prasaada or Prasaadam instead we eat it cheerfully accepting the Gods gift. Hence we offer food to God before eating it.

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4 Comments on “Why do we offer food to God before eating it?

  • very well said team, every thing is given by god.in vishnu temple prarthanai is only in terms of offering pongal,sakkarapongal etc to god.by doing so we will be offering food for at least 25 people,why because we wouldn’t be able to take the prasadam home because it will be too much for us.in vishnu temple they prepare food in huge quantities,so we are forced to feed others this becomes anna dhaanam.

  • OIt remind me one story which indicates the significance of food. After kurushetra war karna went to swarg he didn’t find the way he asked narada why this was happened inspite of giving everything he belongs. Narada replied u give everything to every body but u didn’t offer food to anyone thats why u didn’t find way . He ask for a solution narada ask karna to show his indication finger. When he do that swarg way open immediately. Do u know why one time he show way to old lady a dharma chatra where she had food!


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