Why should we not eat Non- Veg during the Month of Puratasi- Ashvin?

“No Beta No Non-Veg this month” -Most of us have heard this from our parents and grandparents in the month of puratasi/ Ashvin (sep-oct), but why? A whole month without Non Veg! Here are a few reasons, some scientific some spiritual.



In the month of Puratasi, devotees generally avoid consuming meat and visit Perumal temples on Saturdays.  As per Astrology the 6th Rasi is kanya, the month representing Kanya rasi is Puratasi/ Ashvin. The deity of this month is Lord Mercury (Budhan). Lord Budhan is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Also Lord Buddhan is considered a deity of Vegetarianism. Hence people avoid meat eating.


rain n sun rays

It is during the tamil month of Puratasi, the rays of the sun weakens and the rains set in. The earth that has heated up in the previous months, soak in the rain and is known to give out heat, which is considered deleterious than the summer heat. It is also believed that the digestion power of individuals is low and there is chance it can take a toll on our digestive system. Hence people avoid consuming meat.

In short people avoid meat as this is the month dedicated to lord Vishnu / Budhan. Rain borne/ water borne disease are more common in this season. Immunity is lowered due to the weak sun rays. It is also considered breeding season for some animals.

If you know any other reasons please share it with us in the Comments session.



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