Navarathri kolu 2017 – New sets

Navarathri means Kolu to most of us, with this in mind our team had visited few places like Kuralagam and Poombukar to capture the new sets available with them.

Know about the Golu step arrangement 

One of the Sales Person from Poombukar says marapachi dolls are a mandatory item kept in the Golu, as it is considered the first of dolls that came into existence. They sell plain marapachi dolls as well as dress or decorated marapachi dolls.

Poombukar - Marapachi dolls

There are other interesting  dolls like depicting various social occasions and urban rural life.


Kuralagam Jallikattu

Things used for Cooking

kuralagam- cooking tools


O wait! this is not the Mylapore market… Beware these are not real veggies.

kuralagam- real like vegetablesKuralagam vegetables

Lord Adyanthaprabu – deity of Madhya Kailash temple

madhya kailash temple adyanthaprabu

A doll of appu thatha and seetha paati. They are characters from the famous comedy series published in Kumudam magazine.

poombukar - seetha paati appu thatha

Waking up Kumbakarnan. This piece belongs to the Ramayana set – new entry of the year.

poompukar kumbakarnan

Ramayana set

Poombukar -Ramayana

Ganesha – depicted in different costumes.

Here comes the Pandit Ganesha

Pandit ganesh

Singing Ganesha

Poombukar - Singing Ganesha



For other interesting themes and sets  at Poombukar Chennai , Kuralagam  Other places to follow.


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