Navarathri 2017 New Golu ideas and sets – Dolls made of Different Materials

Dolls or deity figures are prominently made from terracotta clay, now-a-days they are also made from papier mache and plaster of paris. However a few other types were also present in C.P art gallery.

Kondapalli dolls

There are Kondapalli dolls from Andhra Pradesh made from wood. These were kind off cute and small, however detailing was not too good. These were found in abundance in C.P Art Gallery.

C.P art gallery (3)

CP Art gallery (25)

Kondapalli- Dasavatara set

CP Art gallery (11)

Cloth dolls

Another new type of material used to make dolls is cloth. One of the Sales person mentioned that the cloth dolls originated from Manipur but they are now-a-days made in Chennai itself.

CP Art gallery (30) CP Art gallery (34)

CP Art gallery (32)


Plaster of Paris and Papier Mache dolls

This is the most second common material used in doll making. These type of dolls are available in large numbers in and around mylapore tank.

mylapore (42)

Kondapalli doll collection

Cloth doll collection

Golus in poombukar and Kuralagam


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