Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswamy temple – Nandi Kalyanam

Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswamy temple –  Nandi Kalyanam

Vaithyanathaswamy temple at Thirumazhapadi is related to the Panchanatheeswara temple at Thiruvaiyaru, which is on the other bank of the river and is located at a distance of 15 km from Thirumazhapadi. Nandi Kalynam is celebrated on the Punarvasu nakshatra of the Panguni month. Bachelors and bachelorettes who visit the temple during the festival get their Marriages fixed. This brings in a huge unmarried crowd.

Lord Nandikeswara, the bridegroom is from Thiruvaiyaru and is married to Goddess Swayambikai Devi of Thirumazhapadi temple. Vaidyanatha Swamy renders the bridegroom Nandi a ceremonial reception on the banks of Coleroon. The groom is brought in a palanquin to Thirumazhapadi dressed in Maratha outfit. Their marriage is performed by the temple priest and after which they are taken on a procession around the village. Later they are taken around to seven Shiva temples, the Sapthasthanams around Thiruvaiyaru. These temples are located so close to each other that they can be visited in one stretch. In the month of Chitirai, the deity of Thiruvaiyaru is carried in a palanquin to all these temples. This is one of the most important festivals in these temples around Thiruvaiyaru.

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These seven temples to be visited in order as follows:
2. Thirupazhanam
3. Thiruchotruthurai
4. Thiruvedhikudi
5. Thirukkandiyur
6. Thirupoonthuruthi
7. Thiruneithanam 



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