Female Incarnation of God Vishnu – “Mohini”


The Kalamega Perumal Temple is the only Vishnu temple in the world dedicated to the Female Incarnation of God Vishnu – “Mohini”. In this temple God Vishnu gives darshan to devotee as Kalamega Perumal. The deity Kalamega perumal gives darshan with his consort Mohana Valli Thayar.

Once the Devas and Asuras together churned the ocean of milk to derive the nectar of immortality (Amurdham). When Dhanvantari emerged with a pot containing Amrudham, both the Devas and the Asuras started fighting.

To save the nectar from the Asuras and distribute it to the Devas, God Vishnu took the form of a beautiful and enchanting damsel “Mohini”. Mohini distracted the asuras, took the amrita, and distributed it among the Devas, who drank it.

According to another legend, once God Shiva granted a boon to the demon Bhasmasura, bestowing on him the power to reduce anyone into ashes when touched. The evil demons chased God Shiva with the notion to turn him to ashes to test his power. God Shiva fled as he was constantly escaping the touch of the evil demon. Lord Shiva turned to Lord Vishnu for help and protection. Lord Vishnu on hearing Shiva’s problem, agreed to help him out. Lord Vishnu assumed the form of the beautiful and attractive Mohini. The demon was totally captivated by Mohini and forgot about Shiva. He desired nothing but marrying Mohini. Mohini agreed on condition that Bhasmasura should copy her each dance steps. Bhasmasura accepted the Mohini’s condition and began to dance with Mohini. As Mohini placed her hand on her head, Bhasmasura followed Mohini, thus reducing himself to ashes.

Located 13 kms from Madurai, and 9 kms south of Melur, the Kalamega Perumal temple is among the 108 Divya Desam of God Vishnu. It is the 46th Divya Desam. Here the Pushkarani is known as Swetha pushkarani and vilwam is sthala vruksham of the temple.

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