The Miracles Of Floral Medication


Hinduism has always resorted to using simple yet highly advanced solution to address any issue and this can be witnessed in the field of health and medicine as as well.

The ancestral generation had a practice of growing medicinal herbs and plants in their respective homes. These were ideal for quick remedies and first aid purposes for common ailments. However with the advent of commercially produced medication, people no longer care about growing medicinal plants in their own gardens.

Flowers, leaves and even whole plants had multiple purposes within the household. Pujas, medicines and in some cases even cooking. Flowers and plants have many uses in the average household, from a purely medicinal perspective, flowers and leaves have distinct uses in Ayurveda and can cure a variety of ailments.

For example, the flower Coronaria, a favorite of God Vishnu is in fact a medicinal herb used for curing eye ailments. Similarly the Lotus, Jasmine and the Crataeva also have medicinal uses. The Crataeva leaf is used in the treatment of diabetes and is also a favorite of God Shiva.

Another example of a multi-purpose herb is the Hibiscus. Its medicinal properties reinforces the uterus for women and its juices could be used as an alternative to shampoos. The flower of Ixora Coceinea plant is an effective cure for scurf in children and Basil leaves aid in digestion.

The ancient sages always had a handful of various herbs at their disposal and prescribed it as and when needed.

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