Maa Dhumavati Pooja

Maa Dhumavati Pooja

Maa Dhumavati pooja done with all the devotion gets in return the protection against all the evil powers. The hymn or sahasranaam of Goddess Dhumavati depicts both the positive and negative aspects. Goddess is considered to be the personification of tamas gun which creates lust and ignorance. To identify the inner truths of life it is suggested to penetrate deep intellectually and emotionally. Goddess expresses the warmth and affectionate feeling towards her devotees.


Steps to do Maa Dhumavati Pooja

Place the idol of the goddess in the Puja Room and light the diya and agarbatti to do the pooja. Prepare the Prasad and offer to the deity. Garlands and flowers are being offered to MaaDhumavati. After that the recitation of mantra is being started and at last, the aarti is done. The Prasad is distributed among the family members. Goddess provides the Shakti to her devotees to fight from all the problems of the life and to live the life with full of happiness and prosperity. The spiritual growth is also achieved.

Significance of Maa Dhumavati Pooja

The person doing the pooja with full dedication achieves the following benefits:-

  • Effect of black magic is removed
  • The curse given by someone else is also removed
  • All the sadness and grievances are being removed from the life
  • Poverty and problems of debts are also being removed
  • No misfortune things happens
  • Problem of widowhood is removed
  • No death of children happens

Maa Dhumavati Mantra 1

Om dhum dhum dhumavati svaha

Om Who Removes all Frustration or Agitation, Who Removes

all Frustration or Agitation, I am one with God!

Maa Dhumavati Mantra 2

Om Dhumavatyai vidmahe vivarnayai dhimahi |

tanno devi pracodayat ||


Om We meditate upon She Who Removes all  Frustration or Agitation,

Contemplate She Who is Free from Disrepute. May that Goddess grant us increase.


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