Lord Muruga Stories : Story of Swamimalai from yesteryear’s movie

Story of Swamimalai from yesteryear’s movie

We all know about how Swamimalai got its name because Lord Muruga explained the meaning of the Pranava Porul ‘OM’ to his Father. Here is a video clip from the yesteryear’s movie.


Gist of the story:

The scene opens with Lord Muruga and Vinayaka conversing with each other while Lord Brahma goes to visit lord Shiva. Lord Muruga, obligingly salutes Lord Brahma, but He did not return his salutation which angered Lord Muruga.

Muruga waited until Lord Brahma finished his pep talk with his father Shiva. Muruga confronted Brahma about not returning his salutation. To which Brahma reluctantly said he was preoccupied and didn’t notice him. Muruga not able to tolerate this asked a series of questions to lord Brahma. One question was the meaning of the word OM. To which Brahma stuttered enabling Lord Muruga to detain him in the prison. Intially, He refused his parents request to relieve Lord Brahma, later obliged. Finally lord Shiva took control of the situation asking Lord Muruga for the meaning and the place where Lord Muruga taught his father the meaning of the Pranava porul “OM”  is called Swamimalai.

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