Lord Muruga Stories : Story of Palani from yesteryear’s movie

Story of Palani from yesteryear’s movie

We all know about how Lord Muruga left for Palani ans why it is named Palani. here is a video clip from the yesteryear’s movie.

Story Jist:

Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati were seated in Kailayam, their adobe with all the ganas. The divine saint Narada visits them with a gnana palam (fruit of wisdom). He hands over the fruit to the Supreme to consume it, who in turn gives it off to his better half. Mother Parvathi inturn asks her children to divide it among themselves. Meanwhile, Narada intervenes and denies sharing the fruit amongst the two. Observing this, Lord Shiva proposes to offer the fruit to the one who succeeds in  going around the world.  On hearing this Lord Muruga swiftly started off in his Peacock vehicle. Meanwhile, Lord Ganesha, asks what is the difference between ammaiappan (lord shiva and shakthi) and the world to which the assembly unanimously answers “ They are the same” hence Lord Ganesha  went around Ammaiappan thrice and obtained the Gnana palam (fruit of wisdom).

Lord Muruga, who returned after sometime was shell shocked to see this and left his parents in haste.  He irately created his abode at a mountain. Which was later known as Palam-nee = Pazhani


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