Lord Muruga Stories : Story of Palamudircholai from yesteryear’s movie

Story of Palamudircholai from yesteryear’s movie.

Palamudircholai is situated near Madurai. It is one of the Arupadai veedu of Lord Muruga. here is a video clip of why Lord Muruga went to Palamudircholai.

Story in a nutshell.

Lord Muruga, after his marriage with valli and Deivanai went to Palamudir cholai to take rest and Bless his devotees along with his consorts. before leaving to Palamudircholai he had revealed to Valli and Deivanai who they were in their previous birth. He also played with a poet. To watch what exactly happened watch the video.

Watch what happened in the other Padai veedu


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