Legend behind the vrat – The story of Satyavan and Savitri

Legend behind the vrat – The story of Satyavan and Savitri


Princess Savitri, daughter of King Asrapathi, fell in love with a commoner named Satyavan. He was preordained to live only for a year. Savitri loved him deeply and was adamant to marry him. Satyavan’s devotion to his blind parents pleased Savitri. Despite her father’s disapproval, she married him. They lived happily for a year. Savitri Knew he will die any moment from then. So she started to fast and pray to God. She offered Durwa grass and peepal leaves to the deity. She prepared neivedyam or Prasad with wild rice and Toor dal. This is known as kaara-arisi and thuvaram parrupu in Tamil. It is said that later, the vrat got its name from this offering.

The very next day, Satyavan slipped and fell down in the forest; Savitri realised that he was dying. She also noticed Lord Yama carrying away satyavan’s soul. Lord Yama tried to distract Savitri, however, she kept following him. Enthralled by her devotion Lord Yama decided to grant her with 3 boons as he cannot return a departed soul to its body. The first she asked a son for her father, the second, for her in-laws to be replaced in their kingdom. Third, she wished to bear children. Yama without realising granted her the wishes. Yama was overwhelmed by her devotion and returned her Husband to her. Yama also appreciated the perseverance of Savitri. It is believed that Savitri offered the kara-adai dish to Yama along with solid un-melted butter as thanksgiving.

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