Krishna’s Underhand Tactics

The purpose of Lord Krishna’s birth on earth was to remove evil and restore peace and dharma (virtue). The sole purpose of Krishna’s birth in this world was to demolish the existence of evil and restore peace. The message which Krishna spread was that anyone who undertook the path of truth will achieve victory. Krishna was dead set to restore peace in the world and was ready to resort to any means to reach his goals.

As a result of his ultimate objective, there are several stories and instances which make us question Krishna’s methods. Krishna on several occasions unhesitatingly resorted to deceit and trickery which was fueled by his belief that committing a sin for the greater good is no sin at all.

In this post, lets look at some of the tight situations which Krishan took a firm grip of with his out of the box methods.



The Pandavas were well aware of the fact that Dronacharya was undefeatable with a bow and arrow in his hand. They once again relied on Krishna’s strategy to kill Dronocharya. Krishna devised a plan in which Bhima killed an elephant named Ashvatthama and Yudhisthir shouted “Asvatthama is dead” to create a false impression in Drona’s mind that his own son Ashvatthama had died. This made Drona place his bow and arrow down making him an easy target.



Arjuna made a vow and was desperate to kill Jayadratha before sunset and decided to burn himself in case of failure to do so. The Kauravas to protect Jayadratha, created a massive shield around him, which was impossible to break before sunset. So Krishna requested Yogamaya, the Goddess of maya, to create an illusion of sunset.

The illusion of the sunset prompted Jayadratha to come out of the shield to see Arjuna burning. The moment he was seen unprotected, the Goddess removed the illusion and Arjuna killed Jayadratha.



The chances of defeating Karna when he is standing on his chariot equipped with his weapons was considered impossible. During the war, Arjuna fired a bow on Karna’s chariot that got it stuck deep inside the earth. Unable to fight, Karna went down to lift his stuck chariot out. This was the time when he was weaponless and Krishna took no time to react.

He immediately asked Arjuna to kill him instantly. Arjuna beheaded him by firing a powerful arrow on Karna’s neck.




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