Ishta Devata Launch: Sankalpa and Divine Obsession

Launching Ishta Devata the world’s biggest Hindu Temples site, today Vijayadasmi 2013! Like Vijayadasami, this marks a ‘Great Beginning’.

WILDLY excited that’s how I’d like to describe my state of mind, right now…My 24 month long journey reaches a big milestone today. Ishta Devata is a shining example of strong affirmation and bright faith i.e. Sankalpa in Sanskrit.

Sankalpa goes beyond immersing oneself in a dream. Its divine faith and we are lifted out of our normal sense of insignificance, thrilled as we no longer feel lost or alone. The enthusiasm, energy, and courage we need in order to leave the safe path, to stop aligning ourselves with the road often traveled… emerge with Sankalpa.

My journey on Ishta Devata [aka Project Temple Trail] started 24 months back in 2011. I felt this was at the beginning of an insanely fulfilling trip.

At times it was unnerving, slightly embarrassing, and awkward; to pursue a vision of building the Temple of Temples…the largest, and biggest Hindu Temples site. It also seemed illogical, and crazy, BUT most certainly addictively-romantic.

It’s SANKALPA coupled with a divine obsession. And the sparks of Sankalpa actually burn a path to clarity of mind.

I’ve come to realize that to create memorable stuff or leave the world a slightly better than what it was before — in form or virtually — it’s a Sankalpa first, obsession second, and everything else later.

And trust me, it’s dangerous….we created Ishta Devata 😉

Sankalpa shows up at the beginning, that invaluable fractional space when you need as much light as you can to see which way you want to go. It stays with you while setting course for amazing things to follow.

Along way I met countless people who’ve encouraged and supported the cause, provided key inputs and shared wonderful experiences.

I’d like to start off thanking Sampath who put me on this path to creating Ishta Devata. And Ganesh who without a moment’s hesitation said “Lets do it da”, and has been gracious enough to support us. Further he also allowed me to pursue Ishta Devata, and it wouldn’t have been possible for me to heed to my calling, but for Ganesh.

And my wonderfully committed Team who moved heaven and earth to actualize this vision. These are exclusively stoked people, that I so admire for their ability to transform a blue sky thinking to a reality by sheer effort. Not in any particular order of importance are my partners in this journey:-

Ram Prabhakar – for building Ishta Devata brick by brick. And continues to relentlessly power this movement
Abinaya – for marketing support
Nisha Achuthan – for amazing writing and copy support
Lavanya – for awesome research and development
Deepa – for awesome research and development
Kalaivani – for awesome research and development
Sridhar – for design support
Alex Leonard – for helping code Ishta Devata


TT. Karthikeyan, Anand, Essakimuthu, Velmurugan, Karthikeyan and Jeeva – for helping code Ishta Devata through its various avatars…
Mahesh, Rajesh,Tharun, Yasmine Sultana and Siddharth – for content development

Thanan for that awesome design
Suresh and Sunil for the divine logo
GV.Bharathi Bhaskar and Madhan for UI support
Sivakumar Ramamoorthy – for those stunning visuals

Among others Rajesh Rangarajan, TV Varadharajen Sir, Nellai Vasantan Sir, Damal Ramakrishnan Sir and friends at Xerago who continue to provide valuable inputs and stimulus to Ishta Devata.

Standing on the shoulders of these giants, I am sure the day is not far when Ishta Devata would have covered all Hindu Temples on planet earth and helped people in their spiritual quest.

On this pious day and happy occasion, Team Ishta Devata welcomes you all to come aboard and join in.

Do visit us at,follow us @ishtadevata Twitter, like us on and love us everywhere.

“Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah”..May all be Happy!

-Srinivas Chari


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4 Comments on “Ishta Devata Launch: Sankalpa and Divine Obsession

  • Wow! I have seen nothing like this earlier ever ! I can not express how glad and proud am feeling. It’s a great site and I vow that I shall market it whenever and wherever possible through all my network… Thanks a trillion guys! Awesome, amazing astounding job!

  • Srini, brilliant idea and great start. Proof that it ticks … My wife loved the site and was super excited.

    The website looks great and will be waiting for mobile version.

    Cheers to the team !

    • Srinivas Chari Post author

      Thanks Vinodh! Glad you and wifey liked 🙂
      Will convey your best wishes to the Team. We’re working on the Mobile UI, should be ready by end of week.

      Thanks again for looking us up. Look forward to contributions from you guys


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