Heavy, heavier… immovable and the sweating mighty Garuda

The mighty Garuda the official divine carrier of Mahavishnu, is witnessed by devotees get progressively heavier and sweating in Tirunarayur or Nachiyar Temple.   This temple is counted among the 108 Divya Desam or divine abodes of Mahavishnu and is also famous for being listed as the only shrine where all 108 Divya Desam idols are consecrated.

The annual festival which culminates with the grand Garuda Seva, where the presiding deities of Nachiyar Temple mount on the mighty Garuda for blessing the devotees is a wonderful spectacle.

Starting with 4 bearers of the Garuda, as the procession gains momentum the weight of this Garuda Idol progressively increases till it reaches a stage where even 64 people are not able to shoulder the weight!

The tipping point where Garuda becomes immovable is when the procession resumes the return journey to the Temple, and miraculously the weight progressively starts reducing. Also seen is the heavily perspired and sweated Garuda idol.

Located 20kms from Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu,Naachiyar Temple is one of its kind.


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