A sloka to invoke the blessings of God Vishnu


In this post, let us understand the meaning and recite God Vishnu sloka.

“Kaayena Vaachaa Manasendriyairvaa

Buddhyaatmanaa Vaa Prakriteh Svabhaavaatah

Karomi Yadhyadh Sakalam Parasmai

Naaraayanaayeti Samarpayaami”

Meaning : The accurate meaning of this Vishnu sloka is

“I offer everything to God Vishnu (Narayana);

whatever I do with my body, words, mind, limbs, intellect

or my inner self whether intentionally or unintentionally.

I bow to the great God, Vishnu”.


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Let us all invoke the blessings of God Vishnu and chant this God Vishnu sloka.




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