God Ganesha’s Mooshika Vahana sloka and its meaning

 In this post, let us understand the meaning and recite this Ganesha sloka.

God Ganesh


Mooshika Vahana Modhaka Hastha

Chaamara Karna Vilambitha Suthra
Vamana Roopa Maheshwara Puthra
Vigna Vinayaka Paadha Namaste


He who has the rodent as the vahana, He who dependably keeps Modhakam (an universal sweet produced out of coconut jaggery and rice that is mixed into a ball)

He who has ears that look like a hand held fan. He who wears a chain around his waist,

He who is short statured, He who is the offspring of Lord Maheshwara.

O! Master Vinayaka who is all the above and he who uproots all obstacles, We love your Divine Feet.

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Let us all invoke the blessings of God Ganesha by chanting this Ganesha sloka.


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