Ganesha – The God of new endeavors


In today’s post let us see, why God Ganesha is known as the God of new endeavors. God Ganesha is known by various names such as Ganpati, Vinayaka or Vigneshwara, he is the God who helps us in removing all the obstacles from our lives. God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are his parents. God Ganesha is worshipped as the maiden deity before beginning any ritual, vow or ceremony. It is said that worshipping God Ganesha bestows us with confidence and courage to begin and go through any activities in the world. Therefore it is appropriate to carry on every endeavor through gratifying God Ganesha.

According to one of the widely accepted legend, which is mentioned in the Shiva Puranas. After God Shiva married his second consort, Goddess Parvati in a great spectacle and celebration, they resided in Mount Kailash. After a great beginning, God Shiva went back to his rigorous ways and started disappearing often to his private cave in the mountains to meditate. His consort Parvati was disappointed with this. Tired of being left alone Goddess Parvati wanted a company and pleaded for a child to God Shiva. God Shiva refused as it would change his life and he wouldn’t be able to continue his disappearing act.

Once when God Shiva went about his disappearing act again, his consort Parvati wanted to bathe. As Goddess Parvati made sure that she should not be disturbed during her bath, she had taken a bit of the turmeric paste that she had rubbed all over her body and made an idol of a boy and brought him to life. Goddess Parvati then had instructed the boy not to allow anyone inside and interrupt her while bathing. God Shiva had returned from his private cave and was surprised to see an unknown boy guarding at the entrance of Goddess Parvati’s bathhouse. When God Shiva tried to enter, the young boy declined to let him in. God Shiva tried over and over again but he wasn’t allowed to enter, finally God Shiva furiously took his trishul and with one powerful sweep he cut off the boy’s head. Hearing the commotion outside, Goddess Parvati came out and witnessed what had happened. After seeing her son headless, she broke down and was devastated.


God Shiva wanted to pacify his beloved wife and sent his attendants (Ganas) to get the head of first living thing, whose head is facing north direction. The attendants returned with the head of an elephant, which God Shiva attached to the lifeless body of his son and gave him life. To appease his wife, God Shiva made his son the leader of his attendants and named him Ganapati means (Lord of Ganas) Gana – attendants, Pati – lord. God Shiva also granted the boon that before any new endeavor and every prayer, first and foremost the devotees would always pray to God Ganesha. Hence God Ganesha got the boon, which is why we worship him primarily in the temple and in the beginning of our new endeavors.

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