Expansiveness: An Experience With Bala Periyava

I had the rare privilege of presenting Ishta Devata to Bala Periyava His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamiji yesterday thanks to good friend and mentor JRK.

His Holiness Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamiji

Bala Periyava

It was both cell altering and heart expansive experience. Before the presentation His Holiness honored and addressed  a gathering of volunteers. In his compassionate speech on bridging the rural-urban divide HH exquisitely touched upon the significance of Temples, the rich and rapidly eroding values that so deeply connect us to a fulfilling life.

Bala Periyava’s commitment to serving humanity and views on touching the lives of millions through selfless service is so evident.

My trepidation and nervousness disappeared as I heard HH address the audience. Truly, I’ve never experienced this complete… a sense of clean, sincere, awesomeness as in the presence of His Holiness.

Post the presentation some wonderful people walked up and offered to volunteer. Every time when someone reposes their faith in us, we feel not just honor bound but super charged .

With HH’s blessings and direction, Ishta Devata continues its journey of organizing information on our amazing temples. And we’re super inspired by Bala Periyava who is a living testimony of hope and shows us that…

“we have to be greater than what we suffer; and even if we fail… what better way is there to live?”

On behalf of everyone at Ishta Devata, I’d like to say..”Thank you and we won’t let you down”

We want to Thank everyone for supporting us so far…for backing us up, saying prayers, taking our call, and saying YES. We’re stepping up and we’re grateful to each of you who have volunteered.

Thanks for believing in us, and continuing to live and share our exciting times!


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