Durga stories for Navarathri – Episode 5 – Shumbha proposes to marry the Goddess

In the previous episode we had seen about how the devas have surrendered to Mother Goddess to rescue them.

After assuring the deva’s of their heaven, mother Goddess brought a new emanation out of herself. The power looked terrifying. Soon it took a form and was known as Kaushiki. The Goddess proceeded to confront the demons with Kaushiki by her side, seated on her lion.


The goddess reached a garden not far from the citadel of the demons. She Began to sing. The entire region fell under a magic spell. Some demons saw Kaushiki and the Goddess ran to inform Shumbha. “O Mighty King! A strange woman has been located by us. Nothing compares to her splendour and Beauty.  She is in company of another woman who looks unusual” they exclaimed. Further the demons that saw her persuaded their king to marry her. Nisumbha wanted to know if she was worth him. So, Sugriva an aristocrat among the demons led a delegation to the goddess. “Welcome, O charming damsel, welcome. You must have heard of Shumbha, our mighty King. He is as much of a hero as he is handsome. He sent us to you with a sweet proposal. We are sure you will welcome it. He is favorably inclined towards you. In fact, you can be sure that he will be pleased to marry you.”

The goddess smiled meaningfully “O demons, I have heard that your King has driven the gods out of heaven. He is an expert fighter. I am under an oath to effect that one who would aspire to marry me must be ready to try his strength against me. The question of Marriage will arise only if he survives the encounter. Go away now!”

Sugriva did not go away instead “O young lady, you have no idea about the strength and valour of our King. There is no hero in all the three spheres to match him in these qualities. Do not blunder. Accept your proposal!”

Said the goddess “ Look here you good Demon, I’ve no desire to argue with you. Let your king accept my challenge, or I take it that he has accepted defeat. If the latter is the case, let him retire to the nether world – the right place for demons and giants. I have no intention to harm him. I assure you”.

Sugriva, felt crazy about this proposal. However he managed to blurt it out to Shumbha.

In the next episode we’ll narrate to you the outcome of Sugriva’s conversation with the wondrous women.


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