Durga stories for Navarathri – Episode 4 – Emergence of Shumbha and Nishumbha

Durga stories for Navarathri –  Emergence of Shumbha and Nishumbha

In the previous episode we have seen how the torments of Mahisasura was destroyed by Goddess Durga, Now in this episode, we’ll read about the came two other demons who emerged to torture the Gods.

The realm of the demons came under the control of the Gods. For some years there was peace in all the three spheres. But soon the two demon brothers, Shumbha and Nishumbha began performing a most arduous penance. They sacrificed food and water till Brahma appeared before them.

“What do you want”, asked Brahma. O lord! Make us Immortals” the demon brothers appealed to the Maker. “That’s not possible. Ask for something else” said Brahma. In that case bless us that no man or God can kill us” The demons said, revising their stand. “Let it be so” said brahma and disappeared.

The Two brothers were delighted. They appointed Sage Bhrigu as their priest. Shumbha soon became the king of the demons. He made Nishumbha, his younger brother, his minister. Chanda Munda two fearful demon-heroes, became  his generals. Among his courtiers were Dhumralochan and Raktabija, two famous giants of the nether world. Raktabij has some speciality. Every time, when a drop of his blood is falls on the ground a new demon sprang out of it.

1-devas were driven out of heaven by shumbha

One fine day Shumbha and Nishumbha attacked the Gods and took possession of Indra’s throne. They enjoyed staying in the Devalok. Fews years rolled by, the Gods roamed around the hills and forest as refugees. They did not know when and how their misfortune will end. They finally meet Guru Brihaspathi and asked for a remedy. Brihaspathi advised them to pray to the Divine Mother, who has saved them from Mahisasura. Hey also taught them a pray to recite.

The Gods camped at the Himalayas and meditated on the Divine mother, by reciting the pray. Finally the Goddess Appeared in her luminous form “What is your need?’ she asked them. With folded hand the Gods said “ O Mother! Save us from the tyranny of Shumbha and Nishumbha.” Don’t you worry any longer.  I’ shall tackle the demons. You can rest assured that the heaven will be recovered for you before long.”


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