Durga Stories for Navaratri – Episode 3 – Who will face the Demon King.

In the last episode we saw the atrocities of the Demon King Mahisa, This episode reveals how and who kills Mahisasura.

According to his idea, to subdue or to vanquish the gods once for all should be the best solution to the problem.  What should be the best course of action for us?’  “O king, no demon can be more powerful than Providence.  The question is whether providential support will be available to us or not. For the rest, my advice is not likely to be of any worth to you, because in a war it is the king’s mind and not a priest’s that works past.”  Indra went Lord Brahma, “O Lord,” he said, “the proud Mahishasura is about to attack heaven. We are feeling quite uneasy about it. We seek your advice as to how to face the challenge.”  “The issue should not be tackled without the advice of Shiva and Vishnu. Let us go to them,” said Brahma.  At first they reached Mount Kailash, the dwelling of Shiva.  Thereafter the three met Vishnu.  The three Gods assured Indra that their help will be available to him. In the meanwhile the demons came rushing upon heaven.  Indra met them with the army of gods. A fierce battle was fought. But the gods had no luck.

The demons soon conquered heaven. Mahisasura sat on Indra’s throne.  The leading demons took charge of the various important areas of heaven. They became the masters of all the treasures and splendours of heaven. The gods fled and took shelter in the sea, in the hills and the forests.  Indra and some other gods met Brahma again. “Is our defeat in the hands of the demons final? Is there anything we can do to recover our lost position?”  “The demon-king cannot be killed by any male member of the races of gods, men or demons.  Who then can kill him?  Let’s consult Vishnu and Shiva once again,” said Brahma. He led them to Shiva.  “Are you not the source of the demon-king’s strength? Is it not because of your boon that he has grown so audacious?  But where is the woman who would go forward to confront him? Will Shachi, the wife of Indra, dare to meet the demon in a battle? I don’t think so.  Let’s seek Vishnu’s counsel,” said Shiva.  They hurried to Vishnu.



He heard about Brahma’s boon and said, “If Mahishasura cannot be killed by any god, he can be killed by a goddess. Let us contribute our powers to the creation of a deity.”  The gods lost no time in throwing their powers with the combination of which emerged a luminous goddess. To her eighteen hands the gods offered their various weapons.  “Fear not. The demon shall be vanquished by me!” said the goddess.  She went forward and gave out a sharp war-cry. That startled the demon-king. “Who made such a noise? Surely not the defeated gods!  Who then?”  Wondered Mahishasura and he directed his lieutenants to capture whoever had made that sound.  Some of the demons at once went out to capture the goddess.  But they returned to their king as fast as they had gone out and said, “A lady seated on a lion, her eighteen hands equipped with weapons, is awning in this direction. She inspires panic in all!”  “Panic! Only such a lady deserved to be my queen. Go, my friends, offer her the position and bring her to me,” said Mahishasura, looking at his ministers.  The ministers approached the goddess and said, “We do not know who you are and how you ought to be addressed. But the king of the three domains is willing to make you his queen.”  “Well, I’m out to destroy the menace that is your king. You fellows are innocent. Keep away,” said the goddess with a smile of compassion for the old demons.


The ministers returned to Mahishasura and reported to him what they saw and heard. The demon-king felt quite amazed.  He asked his general, Tamra, to bring the goddess as his prisoner,  Tamra spoke to the goddess  in an arrogant tone and met his  death. On receiving this unexpected report, Mahishasura sent some of his ablest lieutenants to capture the goddess. None of them returned.  Mahishasura could not believe his own ears. He gave out a loud roar. Even his courtiers were terrified. He then picked up his arms and went out to meet the goddess.  He was wonder struck at what he saw. The divinely charming figure that sat on the lion challenged him to a fight. He tried his best to scare her, but failed miserably.  The fight began. In no time the demon-king who had taken hold of the three regions by storm fell lifeless under the trident of the goddess.  The gods in heaven offered their hymns of gratitude to the great goddess—the incarnation of the Divine Mother.


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