Do you think chanting Gayatri mantra can relieve all these issues?

Gayatri Mantra is regarded as the most important mantra and the mother of all mantras. we have already discussed the meaning, the method of recitation and how many times to recite the Gayatri mantra. In this post, we will see the benefits in reciting Gayatri Mantra.

Health Benefits of Reciting Gayatri Mantra

  1. Calms your unstable mind

Gayatri Mantra aids in the cognitive and intellectual development of a person’s brain. This sacred mantra is believed to clean one’s mind, body and soul. Gayathri mantra starts with the magical word “Om” which is also known as the Pranava mantra. Pronouncing this word is said to create positive sound vibrations in the body, which is passed on to the brain through the lips, throat and the skull. These positive vibrations then signal the brain to release hormones that relax one’s mind and body.

  1. Improves concentration and learning power

People chanting the Gayatri mantra are said to experience increased concentration and memory power. Chanting this holy mantra creates a positive vibration which activating the three main chakras (pressure points) namely the third eye, throat and crown chakras. These chakras are directly associated with the brain, penial gland, eyes, sinuses, lower head, the pituitary gland and thyroid gland, thereby improving the memory, concentration and learning abilities in a person.

  1. Improves your breathing pattern

Gayatri mantra is known to significantly improve one’s lung functioning.  Chanting this mantra requires deep and controlled breathing technique which improves one’s overall respiratory function. Taking deep breaths enables proper transportation of oxygenated blood to the entire body from the lungs.

  1. Keeps your heart healthy

The relaxing effect of this mantra regulates a person’s breathing pattern which in turn synchronises and regulates the heartbeat. Medically speaking, a well-synchronised heart helps in maintaining proper blood pressure in the body which is a vital factor for having a healthy heart.

Health Benefits of Reciting Gayatri Mantra

  1. Enhances nerves functioning

When reciting the Gayathri Mantra, organs like lips, tongue, palate and vocal cord are in use. The sound vibrations created when chanting this mantra, stimulate the functioning of various nerves surrounding these parts by enhancing the release of neurotransmitters which sends impulses between the various nerves.

  1. Reduces stress and stress-related damage

Gayatri mantra not only relaxes the mind from stress but also rejuvenates the body cells that are damaged by stress. It aids in the proper functioning of the body’s immune system by its reversing effect on the damage due to stress.

  1. Reduces depression

Gayathri mantra enables proper brain functioning by relaxing the mind from stress. The positive vibrations created by chanting the Gayathri mantra helps in the proper functioning of the vagus nerve, which is treated for patients with epilepsy and depression.

  1. Gives your skin a glow

The vibrations created by this holy mantra activates vital points on a person’s face by increasing the blood circulation in the region. It also helps in releasing toxins from our body through the skin. The deep breathing technique followed when reciting the Gayathri mantra helps in the smooth circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body, which results in making the skin look fresh and young.

  1. Makes you strong

Gayathri Mantra has the ability to make a person strong from within. Goddess Gayatri is a form of deity with all the three main goddesses Durga, Saraswati and Mahalakshmi together. Hence, reciting this Gayathri mantra is known to strengthen a person as an individual in aspects like knowledge, wealth and courage.

  1. Attracts positive energy

A rendition of the Gayatri Mantra with perfect pronunciation and modulation enhances the spiritual atmosphere surrounding the place by creating positive vibrations and attracting positive energy, which eventually keeps all negative forces away.

  1. Successful marriage relationships

Chanting the Gayathri Mantra is said to resolve problems related to marriage and other relationships. As per the traditional Indian astrology, most marriage issues are caused by the adverse positioning of planets in one’s birth horoscope. Regular chanting of this Mantra can nullify or neutralise the adverse effects due to the bad positioning of planets.

  1. Brings prosperity and development

Goddess Gayatri is considered as Devi Annapoorna herself, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi who provides sumptuous food. Hence, worshipping Goddess Gayatri is said to make a person wealthy and prosperous, thereby bringing happiness and fulfilment in life.



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