Devatas in the 18 scared steps of Sabarimalai

In the previous post we saw when and how the Mandala pooja is done. In this post lets see the devata that reside in the 18 scared steps of Sabarimalai.

The 18 holy steps are steep and important that only the devotees who undertake a disciplined 41 day fast and carry the irumudi can climb the steps. Devotees break coconut as an offering to the steps before climbing and descending the steps.   While descending the steps the devotees climb down backwards facing the sanctum sanctorum.

Know the 18 Steps of Sabarimala! (Pattinettu padi)

Devatas who reside in the 18 Steps of the Sabarimala Temple.


Step Devata
1st step Lord Surya
2nd Step Lord Shiva
3rd Step Lord Chandran
4th Step Goddess Parashakthi
5th Step Lord Mars (Angaraka)
6th Step Lord Muruga
7th Step Lord Mercury (Dudhan)
8th Step Lord Vishnu
9th Step Lord Guru
10th Step Lord Brahma
11th Step Lord Sukra
12th Step Goddess Lakshmi
13th Step Lord Sani
14th Step Lord Yama
15th Step Lord Rahu
16th Step Goddess Saraswati
17th Step Lord Ketu
18th Step Lord Vinayaka



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