Bhairava Worship on Ashtami and its benefits

We all are aware that Lord Bhairava is Worshipped on Theipirai ashtami, But here is another perspective to Bhairava worship. He can be worshiped on both valarpirai and theipirai Ashtami’s.


Theipirai Bhairavar worship

One has to start worshipping Bhairvar on Theipirai Ashtami. He/ She must ask Lord to reduce problems in their life, By asking so it is believed that the trouble reduces like that of the waning (Theipirai) moon. At no cost should we ask for any wealth.

Valarpirai Ashtami Worship

One has to finish by praying to Bhairavar on a Valarpirai Ashtami. He / She must request for wealth and pray for his needs and improvement. By asking so it is believed that their life gets better with the waxing (valarpirai) of the moon. At no cost should they pray to reduce problems.

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Names of Theipirai Ashtami


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