Ashta Lingas around the Tiruvannamalai Girivalam path

In the previous post we saw about Girivalam and its significance. In this post we will learn about the Ashta Lingas in the path of Girivalam and their significance.

There are 8 lingas placed on the girivalam path. They form an octagonal like shape. 4 lingas are placed in the principal directions and the other 4 are placed in the inter-cardinal directions.

The guardians of the four primary directions are called Lokapalas and that of the secondary directions are called the Asta Dikpalas.

The Ashta Lingas are

Indra Lingam (East)

Agni Lingam (South East)

Yama  (Ema) Lingam (South)

Niruthi Lingam (South West)

Varuna Lingam (West)

Vayu Lingam (North West)

Kubera Lingam (North)

Esanya Lingam (North East)

Devotees start the circumambulation from the Indra Linga. So let’s start there.

Click to zoom on the below map for directions.

Indira Linga

Indra Lingam

Direction: East

Associated God: God Indra

Features of the God: Lord Indra is seated on his vehicle with his weapon vajra.

Vehicle of the God : White elephant

Significance of worship the associated God: Destroys ignorance and bestows spiritual knowledge on his deserving devotees.

Location: Car Street close to eastern tower of the Arunachala temple.

Associated Navagrahas : Lord Surya and Shukra (Venus)

Significance of worshiping this Linga: long life and with prosperity, on worshipping Indra lingam.


Agni Linga

Agni lIngam

Direction:  South East

Associated God:  Agni

Features of the God: Agni is the Lord of fire. He has 7 hand and tongues. He is invoked for the Yaga.

Vehicle of the God:  Goat (the sacrificial animal)

Significance of worship the associated God: 

Location: It is close to Seshadri Ashram on Chengam road and is the only Lingam located on the right side of the Girivalam Path.

Associated Navagrahas: Lord Chandra (Moon)

Significance of worshipping this Linga:  Relieve devotees of disease and blesses them with endurance to face the future


Yama Linga

Yama Lingam

Direction: South

Associated God: Lord Yama

Features of the God: Yama sits on his vehicle and holds a huge rope with a noose in his hand.

Vehicle of the God:  Black buffalo, Mahisan

Significance of worship the associated God:

Location: located close to the cremation grounds on Chengam road.

Associated Navagrahas: Mangala (Mars)

Significance of worshipping this Linga: Devotees get rid of their financial problems and obtain longevity.

Niruthi Lingam

Nirudhi Lingam

Direction: South West

Associated God: Niruthi

Features of the God:  Niruthi is the king of the Asuras (demons) and he jointly rules the Southern realm along with Yama.

Vehicle of the God: Dog

Location: It is located on the Girivalam path near the Shantimalai Compound.

Associated Navagrahas: Lord Rahu

Significance of worshipping this Linga: Worshipping this Lingam relieves devotees from bad effects of Black Magic and other negative energies. Childless couple pray here to bear children. Praying to this Lingam helps in detachment from worldly pleasure.


Varuna Lingam

Varuna Lingam

Direction: West

Associated God: Varuna

Features of the God: Varuna is the king of gratitude and gratification. He keeps an account of Karma of people and controls them. He also is known to control the waters in the three worlds.

Vehicle of the God: Makara

Significance of worship the associated God: Pleasing Varuna is said to wash away accumulated sins.

Location: This Linga is seen one km before the Adi Annamalai village. It is seen in the outer girivalam path.

Associated Navagrahas: Lord Shani

Significance of worshipping this Linga: Worshipping this Linga protects devotees from water related illness.


Vayu Lingam

Vayu Lingam

Direction: North West

Associated God: Vayu

Features of the God: Vayu is known as the God of Wind. He gives people the lifesaving air to breath.

Vehicle of the God: Deer

Location: It is located on the girivalam pathway, about one kilometer after the village of Adi Annamalai

Associated Navagrahas: Ketu

Significance of worshipping this Linga: Worshipping this linga relieves people from Stomach related ailments, cardiac issues, respiratory problems, also relieves people from all ailments.


Kubera Lingam

Kubera Lingam

Direction: North

Associated God: Kubera

Features of the God: Kubera has three legs and eight teeth.

Vehicle of the God: Female goat

Location: Spotted on girivalam path before entering the town and a few hundred metres before the Panchamukham.

Associated Navagrahas: Lord Guru

Significance of worshipping this Linga: Lord Kubera is the God of wealth and material possessions. However He does not create wealth, but he is believed to be the distributor of wealth.


Esanya Lingam

Eshanya Lingam

Direction: North East

Associated God: Esanya

Features of the God: Esanya lingam is seen to be smeared with scared ash and surrounded by ghosts. He sports matted hair which holds the crescent and river Ganges, has fierce eyes and is seated on tiger skin. He is also seen to have the mortal drum and trident of Lord Shiva. His body is adorned with coiled serpents.

Location: It is located on the old girivalam road to town, beside the main cremation grounds.

Associated Navagrahas: Lord Budha

Significance of worshipping this Linga: He blesses his devotees with peace of Mind.



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