Aippasi Pournami Annabhishekam – Lord Shiva special

When is Annabishekam?

It is on the full moon day of the aippasi month (oct/Nov)

Annabhishekam is held only once a year on the Full Moon day in the seventh month of the Tamil year i.e. Aippasi (October/November).

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Why is Annabishekam performed?

It is performed for food security through prosperity of the farmland and increase in agricultural produce. It is usually performed after a harvest season and involves offering cooked rice to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is known as an abisheka priyan. His favorite of the abishekas is the cooked rice abisheka. He is generally bathed with 11 sacred items. It is also celebrated to show our gratitude towards Lord Shiva the sole protector of the Panch aboothas. It very much relates to the rice that is offered to HIM. The rice is cultivated based on the pancha bootha factors.

When is Annabishekam 2017?


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Gangaikonda cholapuram annabishekam

Celebrations in Shiva Temples

The rice is cooked in the temple premises and then it is carried around the temple. Priests chant mantras and musical instruments like naadaswaram, drum and cymbal are sounded. The cooked rice is then used to cover the Shiva linga and it is referred as Anna Linga.

Types of anna used for abishekam

Various different types of rice preparations like curd rice, pongal, Sakara pongal, tamarind rice, sesame rice, payasam and other sweets from freshly harvested rice are prepared and offered to Lord Shiva on the day. The food is then shared by people and is also given to domesticated animals and birds.

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Tanjore Big temple annabishekam

Temples where Annabishekam is performed?

Annabishekam is performed in all Lord Shiva temples. Expect Thiruvaniaka(water). Annaishekam is performed during Vaikasi month, as during rainy season, the garbagraha of Jamukeshwarar has water surrounding it.

Benefits of Performing Anna Abishekam

Performing Rice-Abishekam  to Lord Shiva on this day can absolve the bad karma of your previous births and purify the karma of your current life. It is believed that participating in this sacred ritual can help you lead a happy, trouble-free and fulfilling life.

  • Solve business- related issues and gain prosperity.
  • Ensure prosperity in agriculture and security of grains.
  • Gain blessing of progeny.
  • Gain beauty and self-confidence.
  • Be assured of non-depleting food sources.
  • Consumption of the Abishekam Prasad (offering) is believed to instill memory power in children.

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