A religion called Hinduism

5383516-word-cloud-concept-illustration-of-hinduism-religion-glowing-light-effectThe concept of Hinduism is not something that can be explained in one blog post. Originally known as Sanatana Dharma, this ‘way of life’ has existed and survived ever since the beginning of time. Hinduism was never a religion to begin with. It does not ask you to follow only Hinduism nor does it ask you to discard materialism. This religion is vast, but the various concepts that form this religion are very simple to understand. As we delve deeper into its realms, we realize that the fact that Hinduism has a lot of superstitions and unrealistic practices based on blind faith is completely untrue. Almost every Hindu ritual or belief has either a good scientific backing or a valid explanation, that is unknown to most. This blog aims at removing such misconceptions and going back in time, to unravel the secrets that this science-based religion holds and to reveal them to the world, in an attempt to educate everyone that not all that Hindus do are based on superstitions, but have solid backing for what the religion advocates.

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