Why 8th March isn’t Women’s Day?

Fact is it isn’t! Really…because everyday is Women’s day. Women are indeed the best of God’s creation. It would be a shame to dedicate just a single calendar day to honor women.

Granny, Mom, Friend, Lover, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Colleague, Contemporary or Competition, they’re amazing!

My experience with women leaves me humbled and grateful. While one could argue on the bio dynamics, instincts to procreate, protect and feed that at times spurs undesirable behavior, I’m here to testify to the force of pure Goddess that is the hallmark of all our lives.

Adi Shankara the most influential Hindu Sage describing the essence of Advaita philosophy – reveres Women. The Seer Adi Shankara elaborates that “the entire cosmos and all forms of life sprang from Her – The Adi Shakti, and will fold in her”.

We at Ishta Devata celebrate women and womanhood, every waking moment. And it’s NOT because:-

#1 She can get around with a smiling face, act like everything is fine, when in reality, the world is on her shoulder.

#2 She knows that you’ve got what it takes. And is the only one who still believes in you.

#3 She helps you pack when you’re down, and stands by you when you repeat the same lesson with the next lame moment. She loves you enough to let you do it your way – again, and again, like it was the first time.

#4 She cares for you enough to intervene, despite everything, because of everything..

#5 She sees things you haven’t even considered … Incredible things. And helps you notice how great you’re doing, with her on your side

#6 She pampers you – literally. Quickly think of all the outings, meetings or offsites you’ve been to. Who brings the cookies and water? Who remembers that you’re gluten intolerant? And who asks you if you have everything you need?

#7 Her guess is much more accurate than a your certainity…point and taken. Don’t dispute, you know it

Actually, it takes a lot to be a Woman – Granny, Mom, Friend, Lover, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Colleague, Contemporary or Competition. Not just a whim of a billion cells to be her for a while. And its pedantic to be marking just a day.

We-men at Ishta Devata would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! To all these wonderful women and dedicate not just the 8th March BUT every day as your day.

We’re featuring some remarkable women at Team Ishta Devata who’ve been responsible for us having gotten so far.

And would like to Thank You for helping us get here….Thank You for ensuring this really real dream come true, Thank You for making every moment count…and Thank You believing and putting up with us…

Jeeva – Coder

BEST KNOWN FOR:  Known for finding the joy and persistence in making every detail of our work come to life

Also: Passionate perfectionist, code artist, fix-it girl and an underrated brat

Deepa – Research

BEST KNOWN FOR: REINVENTING Ishta Devata’s research approach … period!

Also: Inspired, Thankful & Blessed, Loves Life, Adores her brothers, and is a wonderful dancer

Kalai – Research

BEST KNOWN FOR: Discovering painstakingly obscure temples – long forgotten

Also: Sharp witted, gifted with a capricious memory

Gayathri – Marketing

BEST KNOWN FOR: Understanding and solving the wicked marketing problems endearingly

Also: Never say die attitude, resolute, and fiercely determined

Raji – Research

BEST KNOWN FOR: Multi-tasking across architecture, culture and folk yore research

Also: Reckless wager, never take bet with her!

Peri – Research

BEST KNOWN FOR: Silently, relentlessly discovering facets of hindusim

Also: Patient, and diligent

Let us, ‘we-men’ get large hearted to celebrate and honor women because you wouldn’t be here and now reading this post – but for HER!


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