5 Unknown Facts About Hanuman


Hanuman, known for his bravery, courage, strength and devotion to God Ram is ardently worshiped by all Hindus. Many are aware of his achievements and tales during Ramayana and his role in aiding Ram defeat Ravan. Here are some facts that not many are aware of about our beloved Hanuman.

1. Hanuman: The incarnation of God Shiva

Anjana, a beautiful Apsara who resides in the courts of God Brahma was once cursed by a sage that, when she falls in love, her face will be transformed into that of a monkey. When Anjana took birth on earth, she met Kesari, the monkey king and they both got married. Anjana was an ardent devotee of God Shiva and she meditated to him sincerely hoping God Shiva would be born as her son in order to uplift the curse. God Shiva was thoroughly impressed by her unwavering devotion.

Few days later, King Dasara was peforming a yagna after which the sage provided him with holy kheer for his wives. The portion dedicated to Kaushalya was snatched by a kite and flew to the place where Anajana was meditating. With the help of God Vayu, God Shiva managed to place the kheer at the hands of Anjana. Thinking it is God Shiva’s offerings, she instantly consumed it and thus was born God Shiva’s incarnation, Anjaneya, the son of Anjana.

2. Hanuman means ‘disfigured jaw’

In sanskrit, man refers to ‘jaw’ and hanu means ‘disfigured’. As a kid, Hanuman’s jaw was disfigured by God Indira, who had used his vajra against him. Hanuman mistook the sun and as a ripe mango and even went to trace it up in the sky. In order to stop him, God Indira used his vajra which threw Hanuman straight back onto earth, damaging his jaw.

3. Makardhwaja: Hanuman’s son

Althought Hanuman is considered to be a brahmachari, he is known to have a son called Makardhwaja. Makardhwaja was born to a mighty fish who happened to consume the sweat of Hanuman when he took a dip in the sea to cool off after setting the city of Lanka on fire with his tail.

4. Rejected Sita’s gift

Once God Ram’s wife, Sita offered Hanuman a pearl necklace as a gift to which he immediately rejected stating he does not take anything that is devoid of God Ram’s name. To reinforce his devotion, he ripped open his chest to reveal the images of both Ram and Sita.

5. Created his version of Ramayana

After that defeat of demon King Ravan, Hanuman took shelter in the Himalayas and continued his reverence to God Ram. There, Hanuman wrote down his version of the Ramayana on the walls of the mountains with his nails.

When Valmiki went to Hanuman to show his version of the Ramayana, he saw Hanuman’s version on the walls and was saddened by the fact that his version will never be as good as God Hanuman’s. Witnessing his disappointment, Hanuman quickly erased his version.


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