3 Tales Why God Vishnu Took The Ram Avatar

The Hindu mythology is rich with thought provoking stories and tales that have taken place in different eras, separated by several 1000 years. But on deeper research of Hindu religious texts and scripts, we are bound to find some connection between tales that took place at different times. In this post, we look at 3 tales that are connected to the birth of God Ram, stories that led to God Vishnu undertake the Ram avatar.



One of the main reasons God Vishnu took the avatar of Ram was to defeat his own gatekeepers who were reborn as Ravan and Kumbhakarn. Jaya and Vijaya, the gatekeepers of God Vishnu were cursed to get the bodies of Asuras. One was named Hiranyakashyapa and the other was Hiranyaksha. The Asura brothers are renowned for destroying the pride of God Indira. As a result of their violence, Hiranyaksha was killed Vishnu who took the form of a boar and the other brother was killed by Narasingha.

Despite being killed by Vishnu, they did not attain Moksha and were reborn as Ravan and Kumbakarn. In order to defeat these extremely powerful Asuras, God Vishnu took the avatar of God Ram.


Once, the world was under great threat due to the violence created by Rakshasa Jalandhara. All the Devas went to God Shiva to help them defeat the demon. God Shiva fought the demon in an extremely fierce battle, but the demon could not be killed by God Shiva as well. The demon got his strength from the fast undertaken by his wife Vrinda who prayed that no one in this world could kill him. Realizing this, God Vishnu decided to disguise as Vrinda and broke her chastity. During this, God Shiva defeated the weakened Rakshasa Jalandhara.

However, Jalandhara was reborn again as Ravan and in order to stop him, Vishnu took the Ram avatar.



Based on Hindu tales, Manu and his wife Satrupa began the human race. They were said to be highly religious and great devotees of God Vishnu. As the grew old, they moved into the forest and began mediating to God Vishnu. They continued their penance for 1000 years, after which God Vishnu appeared in front of them impressed by their dedication and devotion.

When requested them for a boon, they conveyed their greatest interest of being born as God Vishnu’s parents. As a result, Manu was born as King Dasharath and God Vishnu was born as their son, Ram.



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