10 Powerful Ayudhas of Goddess Gayatri and Its Benefits

Goddess Gayathri is an incarnation of Goddess Saraswati. She is known for her five faces, 10 eyes and 10 hands. In this article, we will have a look at the weapons that she carries in her 10 hands and its significance.

The significance of the weapons carried by the ten hands

Hand 1: Vara hastam (to grant boons to aspirants).

Hand 2: Abhaya hastam (to remove fear).

Hand 3: Angusam (A hard weapon that is used to bring the elephant under control signifying the control of bad elements on the worshipper)

Hand 4: Chattai (Whip used to wipe out the bad elements in a person both internal and external).

Hand 5: White skull (signifies Shivatattva).

Hand 6: Gadai (a steel stick with a hard global head, club-like, to punish bad elements). It signifies Vishnu Tattva (principle).  Bhima and Anjaneya are usually seen carrying a Gadai.

Hand 7: Shank (Conch Shell) The roaring sound from this shank (conch) will drive away the ASURAS (evil forces). It is identical to the revered Panchajhanya (the sacred conch of Lord Vishnu)

Appearance of Goddess Gayatri


“TVAM VAISHNAVI SHAKTI ANANTAVEERYAA” – grace emanates from Mahavishnu.

Hand 8: Chakra ( Sudarshana Chakra or Wheel which rotates and kills the evil (enemies). This signifies the Vishnu tattva (principle) and is found in the hands of Mahavishnu himself).

Hand 9 and Hand 10: Lotus. All the divine grace from Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati flows from these divine hands to grace the worshipper.

Goddess Gayathri Jayanthi falls on 5-June.


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