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Sankaranarayana Temple

Karumadi, Karumadi, Alappuzha

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    Apart from fulfillment of the wish "", Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

    • Family unity
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    Sankaranarayana Temple is located at Karumadi, Karumadi, Kerala in India.

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    1. Do dress modestly.
    2. Do take a walk around the temple to absorb the positive energy that is radiating.
    3. Do give offerings or alms using only your right hand.
    4. Do circumbulate the temple only in a clockwise direction.
    5. Do stay quiet so as to not disturb the peacefulness the others are enjoying.
    6. Do chant God's name inside the temple to augment your spirituality but do so silently.
    7. Do ensure that the temple permits non-Hindus to enter its premises.
    8. Do ensure that photography inside the temple is permitted before clicking pictures.
    9. Do sit around at the temple after worshiping the Lord rather than leave immediately.
    10. Do buy the archana tickets if it is required by the temple to do so.


    1. Do not consume non vegetarian food before visiting the temple.
    2. Do not touch the deities under any circumstances.
    3. Do not wear any leather items like belts
    4. Do not enter the temple with troubled thoughts. Focus only on God.
    5. Do not sit with your feet pointing towards the deity or any person.
    6. Do not smoke, drink or chew tobacco or betel leaves inside the temple.
    7. Do not apply soap or wash your clothes while dipping in the temple's holy tank.
    8. Do not enter the inner sanctum. Only priests are allowed to enter the inner sanctum.
    9. Do not drop the kumkum or holy ash on the ground after applying it.
    10. Do not visit the temple in an intoxicated state.
  • Sankaranarayana Temple

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