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    Apart from fulfillment of the wish "", Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

    • To get prosperity and wealth
    • For better living
    • To distinguish between good and bad
    • To follow the right path in life
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    The shine, Vaishnodevi started gaining popularity from the Treta-yuga when Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Shakti were born out of the astuteness of all the deities, depicting Rajo, Tama and Sattva gunas. These goddesses were blessed and directed towards the Trikuta hill by Lord Rama who promised Mata Vaishnavi.

    That in Kaliyuga, he would be incarnated as Kalki and will come to the mountain to marry her.

    The history traces back to the roots where the young Vaishnavi sees herself a staunch devotee of Maha Vishnu. Bhaironath, a tantric was chasing Vaishnavi on her way to the Trikuta hills. Realising that act, Mata started climbing the hills. As she was thirsty, she shot an arrow and hence the lake Banganga was formed. After sometime, she turned to see if the Tantric was following her or not and that has become "Charan Padhuka" later. It took nine months to locate Mata in the caves, that's known as Garbha joon. Mata took Mahakali avatar and cut off Bhaironath's head, which was flung up the mountain and fell close to the Darbar cave. It is believed that the big boulder lying at the entrance of the cave is the body of Bhaironath. Sources claim that Mata has forgiven him and granted a boon that the pilgrimage to her abode will not be complete unless the devotees pay homage at the Bhaironath temple.

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    Do perform pooja and aarti Do offer milk, ghee, honey and sugar to Vaishno Devi while aarti is being shown
  • Vaishno Devi Temple
    Jammu and Kashmir

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